Ladies, stop focusing on perfection and enjoy life!

During a seminar with businesswomen I heard them saying over and over: I have no time, I always run, and, a few minutes later, I’m a perfectionist …

Obviously it is not only women that are perfectionists, but a large majority is of female gender.

Our discussion has focused on importance of work, projects and necessity of doing things right. I noticed a high level of satisfaction with this type of work. This unfortunately, seems to consume a lot of our personal and family time.

My theory which I believe in and was well accepted is this:

Different projects require different levels of implication and quality works.

A perfect block of stone will never worth as much as an imperfect diamond…

A salesperson will take a different approach in selling a Toyota car against a Lexus car. The first one will offer you a coffee in a disposable cup while the second one gives you a latte or green tea … Different customers, different approaches. What if the situations were not all the same? Is the importance of a child party the same as preparation for a wedding? An end-of-project report versus an annual report?

The contribution of Pareto’s law in all of this?

Economist Pareto explains a law of Probability that became the Pareto principle in 1896 also known as the 80/20 principle.

It says that 20% of our work must produce 80% of the results or, conversely, we invest 80% of our time for 20% of expected results…

If we continue our analysis, we find that the first level of satisfactory result requires a specific time which is 80%. To get to the second level that is impressive result, we have to invest the same 80% of our time again, which lead us to 96% du results parfait. The same time required to go from 0 to 80% is also needed from 81% to 96%: Wow.

I believe that several projects deserve the 96% and even the 100% (3 times as long as the 80%) but I’m sure not all projects deserve it. I believe that wasting your time on a wrong   project is a great mistake and prevents you from having time for other projects or allowing  have control over an overwhelmed  agenda.

What could you do of the 20% of your time found? Other projects or enjoy life!

The secret is to invest the right level of energy in your projects. Determine if it requires an 80%, a 96% or a 100% … knowing that the 100% will require three more time. It’s your time you spend; it’s up to you to use it well.

Work on a block of stone or diamond? Is it a project that wants volume or quality?  Lexus or Toyota? Personal satisfaction or business request.

Take time to analyze the situation, the approach. I hope you find time for yourself, whether you are a woman or a perfectionist. I would be privileged to have given you a little more time for you to enjoy

Coach Laporte